About Us


Keely Brooks is a climate change analyst, cycling advocate, and races her bike with some of the top women in the country. She is a founder and chair of the southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition which works to improve cycling in Las Vegas. Keely also  co-founded Cycle Vegas and leads tours 3 days a week.

bob.jpegBob McCall has been riding and racing bicycles for most of his life and loves the healthy, stress-reducing benefits cycling provides.  He started riding a bike when he was in elementary school and soon began delivering newspapers on a bike. Bob rode his bicycle across Oklahoma 3 times before he was 18 and then as a freshman in college, spent 2 weeks cycling through Mexico. He began racing both mountain and road bikes at University of Oklahoma and in graduate school at Texas Christian University where he recieved a MS degree in Geology.

Bob moved to Las Vegas in 1991 to pursue a career in geology and has over 20 years professional experience. He knows the geology of the area and loves to share it with those who are interested.
Bob has competed at the national level in both mountain and road cycling. In 2011, he won the Race Across America (RAAM) on a 4-man team crossing the country on bicycles in 5 1/2 days setting the 2nd fastest time in the 30 year history.
In 2012, Bob founded Cycle Vegas because he wanted to share his combined passions for cycling and the great outdoors with visitors to the region. He is in the best shape of his life and wants to encourage the active lifestyle to others.  Bob also enjoys hiking, rock-climbing, sailing, and camping. He has biked, hiked, or climbed to every canyon and peak in Red Rock and is very familiar with the roads and trails surrounding Las Vegas.