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Ron Lillis posted this on several Dallas area bike club websites!

las vegas cycling

Busy schedule somehow allowed me to go on a bike tour of Valley of Fire, outside of Las Vegas. Tour was lead by Bob McCall, who owns/runs Bob is a 50 yo, retired Geologist, who earned his Masters at TCU in the late 80’s. Bob is a super strong Masters Racer, and a great Tour Leader. Bob raced in Dallas while attending college.

Valley of Fire, about 45 minutes North of the Strip, is awesome in it’s beauty, as well as challenging with lots of climbing up long and at times, steep climbs. I’d recommend this ride, but be aware, it is really tough. Seemed like I was constantly staring up at a 12% Climb.

As far as Bob &, I’d recommend him to anyone visiting Las Vegas that might want to ride. There are many choices around Vegas, including Lake Mead (Hoover Dam), Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and many other possibilities. Bob will provide pickup at your Hotel, bikes and all the goodies. Bring your helmet, shoes & pedals, and of course, riding clothes. Very reasonably priced. He runs road & mountain tours.

I will use Bob’s Tour on future visits. Contact me if you have any questions, or visit